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To facilitate for possible synergy amongst members. To strengthen Gujarati-Canadian interest in the socio-economic and political fabric of Canada. To...

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Our Mission

Gujarat Public Affairs Council of Canada is a premier not-for-profit organization. Our programs and policies foster individual initiative, and the …

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Our Vision

Together we will achieve a better and prosperous future; economically, culturally and socially. Be the key influencing organization between the …

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Welcome to The Gujarat Public Affairs Council of Canada

The Gujarat Public Affairs Council of Canada(GPAC) seeks to bring together financially successful elements within the Society such as traders, bankers, technocrats, investors, industrialists, businessmen, professionals, along with economists and thinkers, so that each group can share their business knowledge, experience, expertise and resources with their fellow brethren. We also aim to encourage, support and mentor budding entrepreneurs. The end goal is to generate surplus wealth and make society prosperous.

The Gujarat Public Affairs Council of Canada (GPAC) will be instrumental in mentoring the new immigrants, students who want to establish and flourish in Canada. We will also be working towards th…

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