07 May

Our Mission

Gujarat Public Affairs Council of Canada is a premier not-for-profit organization.

Our programs and policies foster individual initiative, and the ability of members to make a significant contribution to the economic, cultural and social fabric of Gujarati (Indian)-Canadian community.

Our mission is to be the premier Gujarati – Canadian organization in Canada, by:

  • Promoting strong Indo-Canada ties, built upon shared traditions of democracy, pluralism and strong interpersonal connections with a Indian diaspora of more than 1.7 million in Canada specifically 400k+ Gujarati population
  • Providing a robust platform for professionals and businesses to showcase their strengths and create positive impacts in the diverse society
  • Proposing continual growth and opportunity for trade and investment, science and technology, environment and energy, and security between the two nations
  • Unite the diverse Gujarati community to bring the sense of solidarity and togetherness

The political leadership from both countries is keen to push trade and investments, along with more engagement in energy, healthcare, infrastructure development and community contacts.